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Where Can I Serve?

Jesus told us, his disciples, to make disciples of all nations. One of the most important values of this church is our mission to the world. It begins in our own community, and spreads overseas to every nation.
Burkett Chapple Primitive Baptist Church offers many occasions for members to unite with one another and grow in the knowledge of Christ. The finest way to enrich your experience as a member of Burkett Chapple Primitive Baptist Church is to get involved in one of our exciting ministries. Please examine the list of ministries that we offer and seek God’s guidance on which best fits you. Once you have received guidance, please feel free to inquire about the requirements of getting connected with your chosen ministry.

Deacon’s Ministry

The Burkett Chapple Deacon’s Ministry under the proficient leadership of Pastor Marcus D. Floyd, Senior Pastor, serve in the spirit of excellence and are working to help meet the ever-growing needs within the church and the subsequent ministries.
Deacon Caphas Floyd-Chairman
Deacon Frederick Clark, Sr.
Deacon Reginald Floyd, Jr.
Deacon John Harris, III
Deacon Eric Jones
Deacon George Jones, Jr.
Deacon Sylvester Jones
Deacon Russell Leverett
Deacon Artis Williams, Sr.

Mothers and Deaconess Ministry

Mothers are seasoned and spiritually mature women who meet the qualifications of 1 Timothy 5:2, 9-10 and Titus 2:3-5.



Mother Mary Williams, President
Mother Dr. Monique Floyd, Vice President
Mother Florence Bell
Mother Martha Davis
Mother Alma Floyd
Mother Odessa Floyd
Mother Lillie Ghent
Mother Bernice Green
Mother Jacquelyn Halyard
Mother Exie Harris
Mother Shirley Harris
Mother Gloria Jefferson
Mother Diana Johnson
Mother Fannie Johnson
Mother Gwendolyn Jones
Mother Ollie Jones
Mother Dr. Sheila Jones
Mother Doris Reynolds
Mother Carolyn Richardson
Mother Cynthia Silas
Mother Eleanor Scottie
Mother Lucille Smith
Mother Cynthia Squire
Mother Linda Tailo
Mother Janice Washington


Deaconess Lynette Bettard
Deaconess Latangela Clark
Deaconess Shuana Dupree
Deaconess Maya Lewis-Davis
Deaconess Katrina Jones
Deaconess Zipporia Jones
Deaconess Vanessa Leverette
Deaconess Wareen Mathis-Ansley

Youth Ministry

At Burkett Chapple Primitive Baptist Church we strive to have a vibrant Youth Ministry. It is our aim and mission to train young people to lead the cause of Christ and apply Christianity to every area of their lives. We make every effort to assist them in obtaining their dreams so that they will be able to influence those within their spheres for Jesus Christ. If you are looking for a church with a Youth Ministry that will not waiver from its goal of training winners for Christ, then Burkett Chapple Primitive Baptist Church is the place for your family.

Youth Director

Mother Cynthia Jones-Squire


Mother Linda Tailo
Mother Mary Williams

Go Ministry

The Go Ministry at Burkett Chapple Primitive Baptist Church was designed to nurture and facilitate the need for the members of our Church to embrace the charge of our Lord’s Great Commission to make disciples of all nations. Pastor Floyd was led by God to implement this ministry so that our church would no longer be only inwardly focused, but also outwardly focused.



Pastor’s Aide Ministry

The purpose of the Pastor’s Aide Ministry at Burkett Chapple Primitive Baptist Church is to provide care and support for the Pastor Floyd and his family. This includes, but is not limited to, praying for the pastor, offering verbal encouragement and voicing gratitude for his work. This ministry is composed of members and other church officials, such as deacons, who are tasked with supporting the pastor, caring for him and his family and providing any tools or services needed for the pastor to better serve Burkett Chapple. In doing so, they ensure that the first family is taken care of holistically.

MVP Men’s Ministry

The Burkett Chapple Primitive Baptist Church MVP Men’s Ministry is a life-changing ministry to men, focusing on the transformation of their hearts resulting in living the victorious lives of Godly men and becoming disciples of Jesus Christ.


Pastor Dr. Marcus D. Floyd

 “Diamond 2 Diamond” Women’s Ministry
Womens Ministry Logo edit
The Burkett Chapple Primitive Baptist Church “Diamond 2 Diamond” Women’s Ministry is a life-changing ministry to women focusing on the transformation of their hearts resulting in living the victorious lives of Godly women.


Dr. Monique J. Floyd
First Lady

Vision Statement

The “Diamond 2 Diamond” Women’s Ministry of Burkett Chapple P.B. Church consists of a group of women who strive to positively influence and unite others for Jesus Christ within Burkett Chapple P.B. Church, the community, and ultimately the world.

LIT Young Adult Ministry

The Burkett Chapple Primitive Baptist Church LIT Young Adult Ministry is a life-changing ministry for young adults, focusing on the transformation of their hearts resulting in living the victorious lives and becoming disciples of Jesus Christ.  This ministry serves as a conduit for principles that will help you succeed.
Brother Deshawn Reed
Sister Synquis Reed
Matrons Ministry
Matrons Purpose: To train women in systematic Bible Study, Daily Prayer, Mission Study, Family Accountability and definite personal service.
Mother Shirley Harris-President

Fully Committed Marriage Ministry

The Burkett Chapple Primitive Baptist Church Marriage Ministry is committed to investing hope & life into every couple with life-changing resources that will fortify and enhance their family.


Deacon Frederick and Deaconess Latangela Clark


“Single Focus” Singles Ministry

THE SINGLE FOCUS ministry of Burkett Chapple is designed to enhance the lives of Single Adults of all ages, stages, and phases of life’s voyage through thought-provoking sessions, as well as social events.


Mother Dr. Sheila Jones

Widows Ministry


Mother Janice Washington

Media & Technology

Using media to spread the gospel is a privilege of this church. In an age of widespread technology, we have a stewardship to use these tools as best as possible for kingdom purposes. All of our weekly sermons are uploaded to our website in video and audio formats. We also maintain an active Facebook and Twitter feed for additional church communication.
Deacon Artis Williams – Coordinator
Deacon Eric Jones – Streaming

Prayer Ministry

The Prayer Ministry of Burkett Chapple Primitive Baptist Church exists to send Prayer Warriors to present the petitions of our church and community before the Lord. We invite you to pray with us and to receive prayer.

Prayer Band – 12:00 p.m. Wednesday
Prayer Meeting – 6:00 p.m. Wednesday

Music and Fine Arts Ministry

Burkett Chapple P.B. Church’s Music and Fine Arts ministry is a wide-ranging group that meets the performing arts needs of a diverse collection of parishioners who attend Burkett Chapple P.B. Church. The Music and Fine Arts Ministry at Burkett Chapple Primitive Baptist Church is for anyone who is enthusiastic about using their gifts to communicate Christ’s love and plan for the world. We are passionate about Christian worship through the arts and embrace the values that it adds to our church and society.

The Music & Fine Arts Ministry is comprised of various components to include:

Adult Choir- 1st Sunday

Youth Choir- 2nd Sunday

Male Choir- 3rd Sunday

Marcus D. Floyd Choir- 4th Sunday

LIT Choir- 5th Sunday


Usher’s Ministry

Anointed Doorkeepers

Men’s Usher Board

Youth Usher Board

Usher Board #1

Usher Board #2


Safety/Security Ministry


Finance Ministry

Trustee Board
Dr. Marcus D. Floyd-Chairman
Deacon Caphas Floyd
Dr. Jacquelyn Halyard
Dr. Sheila Daniels-Jones
Deacon Artis Williams
Finance Committee
Mother Cynthia Silas-Teller Coordinator
Deacon Caphas Floyd
Brother Jessie Hudson
Mother Gwen Jones
Church Clerk
Mother Dr. Sheila Daniels-Jones
Deacon Caphas Floyd

Ministry Moments